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I once had a dream.
It was an ordinary school day.
Although the school was new to me, I had never seen this school.
I didn't know anybody and nobody knew me.
Among the people in the class that i was attending was a girl,
dressed in black robes and a witches hat.
She had bright blonde hair and pale blue eyes.
In contrary to the rest of the group she didn't speak at all,
didn't even care to look through the classroom or at the teacher.
She was just contempt with writing on a paper.
I couldn't see what she was writing.
She seemed so outstanding while doing nothing outstanding at all.
She caught me looking her way and briefly looked back at me.

After class she aproached me and started talking very quietly. 
She asked me if I had been here before, at this school.
I replied by saying that I hadn't. That I didn't know this school at all.
She didn't seem surprised, she didn't have any expression at all.
A still face among the evermoving people.
No emotions were shown. 
She proceeded by asking me if I had something to do after school was over. 
Which I didn't, so she asked me if I wanted to walk her home.
I was so intrigued by her, I couldn't refuse.

On the way to her home she warned me that I shouldn't be afraid if I entered her home.
I was wondering why, but once we turned around the corner I knew why.
It was a street like any other, downtown, some trees, cars driving by, nothing particularly interesting.
But there was one house in that street that stood out amongs the rest.
The house had black grafity all over it, the windows were smashed and covered up by planks. 
It seemed as though everything else in the street avoided that house.
It was then I knew that this was her home.

Upon entering the house it felt like I was entering the void, a domain so dark that it sucked up everything that came close.
The walls, black as night. The only light came from the hundreds of candles speard across the hallway and
from between the planks that covered the windows.
Dried blood on the walls and on the velvet black carpet.
A door on the end of the hallway, signed with an up-side-down pentagon made with dripping red blood.
Silent whispers were coming from what was behind that door.
I was frightend at first, but somehow the fear faded away.

A man aproached us.
He look awfully raggedy.
Messed up greyish hair, like a mad scientist.
Torn cloth robes and the same expressionless look on his face.
I suspected that this might be her father.
Although nothing like a proper fatherly figure.
We went to have dinner, but I wasn't sure what to expect.
Oddly enough they had normal bread laying in a closed off basket to seal it from the air.

After dinner the girl showed me the way to her room. 
We went up the strairs to another dark hallway. She pointed at the last door in the hallway.
I assumed that would be her room. I entered her room first. The room was just as dark as the rest of the house.
Only lit by a single candle and oddly enough, by a book that stood on a shelf.
On her bed were two bunneys, one pure white and one brown.
She sat down beside them, picked them up and layed them on her lap.
What could these bunnies be looking for in a house like this, I asked myself.
It was as if she saw the question in my eyes and she started to explain.
She told me that it was best explained from the start.

Thus she proceeded to talk.
She told me that her mother died in an accident when she was younger.
Her father was devastated by the death of his wife and turned to dark practices, to process his sorrow.
He painted the interior of the house black and drew pentagons with his own blood that he tapped from his veins every now and then.
Set up candles, one for every week that went by.
Others in the street started to fear the things that were happening in this house.
In the mean time she went to the same school that we were at earlier.
She got bullied alot by others who didn't understand her or hadn't heard about the death of her mother.
One day she asked her father for a solution to the bullies.
He grabbed a book out of a bookcase and gave it to her saying: "Read it carefully and be carefull."
It was a book on magic, summoning magic. Which her father has used to perform rituals.
So she read it carefully and found a page that taught her how to summon demons.
She went practicing, while in the mean time her Father wanted to rid the world of the ones terrorising his daughter.
He collected pieces of the bullies, wether it be hair or a nail and used those pieces for rituals that braught missfortune upon
the bullies.

About a year later she was able to conjure up minor demons to follow her wishes. But it fell out of hand one day, 
when the bullies walked into her outside. They bullied her and hit her about the head.
She wanted to defend herself, but was unable to because she was not strong at all. She started to scream, when suddenly
demons rose from coulds of ash appearing on the ground.
The whole scene ended in a massacre. Blood spread around the ground, shredded organs laying about and a single girl sitting in the pool of blood.
Her blonde hair coated in crimson red blood.

From that day forward she realised that things like this should have never happened, even though she hated the bullies. 
This is a fate so gruesome it shouldn't happen to anyone, how evil the person may be.
She was terrified of what she might be capable off so she tried to use her knowledge to 
manipulate the summoning spells to conjure up rabbits and bunnies only.
Thus explaining why there were two bunnies on her bed.

Oddly enough, I wasn't afraid of her, not even a single little bit. 
I felt really really sorry for her, for everything that happened to her and her family.
Never had I felt that way. I still feel for her to this very day.
Never had a dream made me feel like I did.
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It did end quite abruptly yeah.
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Yea. :C sadly it did.
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